Introduction of Agency

Southern Aegean Regional Development Agency was established by the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 14.07.2009 to serve in the region classified as "TR32", covering Aydın, Denizli, Muğla  provinces, and took its place among the 26 Development Agencies planned to be established throughout our country.  The Ministry of Industry and Technology is responsible for the coordination of development agencies at the national level.

In line with the comprehensive nature of the development phenomenon with its economic, social, cultural and all other dimensions, our Agency carries out studies in the region on the following axes:

* To improve communication and cooperation between the public, private sector, civil society representatives and scientists on issues related to regional development, to increase development awareness and momentum by creating links between the work of these actors, and to assume a coordinator and catalyst role in regional development.

* To conduct research to identify the region's resources and opportunities, accelerate economic and social development, increase competitiveness and highlight potential development areas.

* To provide promotion and guidance services to increase domestic and foreign investments in the region in a strategic and planned manner.

Southern Aegean Regional Development Agency provides financial and technical support in order to accelerate the process of achieving the goals in these axes and to implement activities that are of critical importance for the region in a short time. The financial supports that the agency offer include direct financial support (calls for project proposals, guided project supports and feasibility support), interest support and interest-free loan supports. The agency also provides training, project preparation, consultancy, assignment of expert personnel, lobbying and international relations, etc. It provides technical support to local governments, other institutions / organizations and non-governmental organizations in the region.

The Board of Directors, which is our decision-making body, the Development Board, which is our advisory body, and the General Secretariat bodies, which employ expert personnel with high technical capacity, can act flexibly, and operate with a small but effective and dynamic structure.