Aydın Sectors and Investment Climate

Aydın is located at the heart of the lower valley of Büyük Menderes River (ancient Meander River) at a commanding position for the region extending from the uplands of the valley down to the seacoast. Average temperature: 19,2°c, average rate of humidity: 63,7% and annual areal precipitation in total: 711,6 kg m². Mediterranean climate is prevalent. Population is 1.1 Million

Aydın is the leading city in Turkey for the production figs, olives and chestnuts, pine nuts, juvenile fish and fish. There are three hatcheries in Aydın that produce fish fry. Aydın has 150 kms of coastline and there are many potential areas suitable for marine fish farming. City also has the infrastructure and potential of aquaculture and aquaculture production with the presence of dams, lakes and ponds. The total production capacity of these facilities is 254,000,000 units/year. This amount meets 30% of the total marine fish fry needs of our country. In recent years, activities for the production of medicinal and aromatic plants and the extraction of these plants have started. Aydın is among the 14 cities for the export of fresh fruits, vegetables and dried fruit to the European Union and the Russian Federation authorized by the authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

There are 7 organized industrial zones operating in Aydın. In addition, there are 1 technology development zone and 19 small industrial sites in Aydın. Mining Products, Dried Fruits and Products, Automotive Industry, Machinery and Parts, and Chemicals products are the leading the leading industries.

Aydın has some of the best resources of geothermal energy in Turkey. There are 35 geothermal power plants operating in our province. Biogas, solar and wind energy potentials are also high. These are rich resources for organized greenhouse zones.

With its beautiful coastline and green nature, Aydın is also one of the most attractive tourist destinations both in Turkey and World. Aydın has 542 touristic facilities with a capacity of 66.420 beds in total.  In the ancient ages, Aydın Province was home to cities like Aphrodisias, Milet, Didyma, Nysa, Priene and Magnesia.

Aydın has 95% of feldspar ore reserves and 35% of quartz ore reserves of Türkiye. Some of the biggest ceramics and glass manufacturers in Türkiye have manufacturing plants in Aydın.

There are 9 different companies with foreign capital in Aydın. Companies from Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Ukraine have investments in Aydın.



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