Signatures were signed on the project that will strengthen rural tourism while employing women through the production and sale of traditional handicrafts and natural products in the Çal district of Denizli.With the project, women will be employed in Çal through the production and sale of traditional handicrafts and natural products. Within the scope of the project where the Women's Production and Training Center will be established, the old factory building will be converted into a sales center. With the arrangement of one of Çal's characteristic stone houses as a guest house, accommodation opportunities in the district will be improved.
nder the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the contract signing ceremony of the "Women Pioneers of Rural Development" project, prepared by Çal Municipality within the scope of the 2023 Social Development Support Program (SOGEP) carried out by the South Aegean Development Agency, with the project partner of Çal District Governorate and Denizli Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, was held.Çal Governor Mert Çanga, Çal Mayor Fethi Akcan, Denizli Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Turhan Veli Akyol, Agency Secretary General Özgür Akdoğan, GEKA experts and project coordinators participated.
With the “Women Pioneering Rural Development” project, leather, felt and traditional carpet and rug weaving workshops will be opened. In these workshops, 100 disadvantaged women will receive education in the first year, and 30 disadvantaged women will be employed and included in economic life. The idle stone building belonging to Çal Municipality will be organized as a sales center for the products to be produced in the said facilities. In addition, one of the stone houses in Çal district will be arranged as a guest house where home boarding services will be provided. With these studies, it is aimed to contribute to the development of tourism in the region. The Ministry of Industry and Technology will provide support of approximately 2 million TL for the project with a total budget of approximately 2 million 500 thousand TL. The project is expected to be completed in 18 months.

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